Sunday, February 26, 2017

2016 Silver Reel Awards!

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Happy Oscar day everyone!!!!!

I know how early I'm probably blowing my load in posting this, but I'm so fucking excited!

2016. What a fucking year! Horrendous politics, terrorism, and exploding cell phones aside, this year was personally an excellent one for me, my summer trip to Germany being only the tip of the iceberg! My favorite part of the year however, was the films. THE FIIIIIILLLLLMMMMSSSSS!!!!! 


Anyways... yeah. Great year for movies! And to celebrate some of last year's best, here are my awards for what I think was it's best! Enjoy!

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  1. Excellent work, here. Really happy to see all the noms for The handmaiden. Outstanding movie, that one. La La Land just didn't do it for me like it did everyone else. It will probably not have much of a presence when I get around to my awards for 2016. Love the win for Ashton Sanders. Funny thing is I could legit see wins in that same category for Mahershala Ali or Trevante Rhodes from the same film. Still need to see a number of your noms before I tackle this undertaking. Great job!