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Friday, June 16, 2017

Best Cinematography of... Cat People (1982)

I first saw this movie on TV one weekend a few years back. While the story went over my head, a lot of the imagery stayed with me, but this was before I bagan to truly recognize cinema as an art. Little did I know at the time that this movie was not only a remake of the 1942 film, but that it was also directed by Paul Schrader, writer of Taxi Driver and director if American Gigilo. The other thing I didn't know was that it was shot by John Baily, wo had shot Schrader's previous film mentioned above, but also his following film, the lavish Mashima: A Life In Four Chapters. In my opinion, it really is the cinematography that elevates this above other erotic slashers to come out in the '80s, which makes the fact it's remembered so little even more sad. For this post, I'm repenting slightly for the excessive amount of shots I've added previously, and limited myself to only 20, which I found particularly striking. Enjoy!


  1. It is a visually striking film and those are some great shots. The story, however, is all over the place and kooky to boot. It's certainly an entertaining watch, though.

    1. I'll say! At least Nastassja whatsherface was pretty good in it lol

  2. Another great cinematography post. I forgot how good looking this film was. Great work!